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Policy Documents

The following documents are the policies which support the work of Coltishall Parish Council. Some of these are statutory. Others are discretionary. They are regularly reviewed by the Parish Council and updated according to need.
Standing Orders

Our Standing Orders are the rules by which we do our work and run our meetings. They contain some matters which are required by law and others which we have the discretion to change. We review them annually.


Financial Regulations


Our Financial Regulations set out how we handle money, including budgeting, banking, salaries, insurance and contracts. We review them annually.


Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct sets out the standards of behaviour expected of all public office holders, and has been agreed by every Parish Councillor.



Freedom of Information

This is our policy on Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme. The large majority of information we hold is available on this website.


Complaints Policy

This is the Complaints Procedure we follow if a complaint is received about either a Parish Councillor or the Parish Clerk.

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