There are eleven seats on Coltishall Parish Council. Current Councillors are listed below, together with their contact details and any background information they wish to share. 

We currently have three vacancies, please contact the Parish Clerk if you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor.  

Meet The Parish Councillors

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Richard Germany


I have lived in Coltishall for thirty years. I owned Horstead Garage for over 20 years until I sold it last year and since then have retired to do more work on Church farm, Great Hautbois Road, which I own. I also ran a successful pub called the Diplomat at Badersfield (the old RAF Coltishall site).


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John Haschak

Vice Chairman

Michael Spinks

Parish Councillor

I have lived in Great Hautbois all my life. I have been on the Parish Council for over 40 years, and am also a trustee of the Village Hall and Recreation Grounds charity (CAST). I am very keen to protect green spaces and the environment in the Parish. In addition to being a member of the Commons Trust, I maintained Hautbois Common, as my father did before me, from 1969 until 2014.  I am one of the tree wardens for Coltishall.

I moved to Coltishall in 1985 and have enjoyed living here ever since. I played cricket for the village for nearly two decades as well as being a governor at Coltishall Primary School for 10 years and have recently joined the Speedwatch team. Coltishall is a great place to live and raise a family and I want to help preserve and improve on all that makes it unique.


Doreen Snelling

Parish Councillor
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James Matthews

Parish Councillor
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Nicola Chaney

Parish Councillor

I have lived in Coltishall most of my life.  For the past 32 years  I have worked at Coltishall Primary School as a Midday Supervisor, Caretaker and School Governor, now retired.  I am currently the Chair of Coltishall Village Hall & Recreation Ground (aka CAST)

I have lived in Coltishall for 7 years, first at The Old House, Church Street, where I carried out some essential repair work as it was close to dereliction,  before moving to my present home, Grebe Cottage in Church Close. I have a strong interest in historic buildings and urban landscaping having worked as a builder and have a Master’s Degree in architecture and energy studies.  I am now retired; my last employment was as a Secondary School Teacher, managing a Design and Technology Department. I have a passionate interest in music and play in a band. Nature and wildlife is one of the reasons I was drawn to come and live in Coltishall with its beautiful river walks and commons, I will always be active in protecting and enhancing this aspect of the village.

I have lived in Coltishall and Horstead for over thirty years. I love the village and note the changes since I first arrived here. 

I have two horses, and used to ride through the village regularly, unfortunately I do not ride my own out at the moment as one is retired and the other a bit to spooky to ride out, but I do ride out on a friends horse, so I still get to enjoy the countryside around us. I worked at Aviva for 32 years until I was made redundant in 2012, I have done various jobs since then and am now semi retired.

I would like to keep the village the nice, safe, pretty place that I have enjoyed for so many years, for the future generations.

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Michelle Thackham

Parish Councillor

I have lived in Coltishall for nine years - a relative newcomer I know, but I grew up in Swanton Abbott and spent much of my adult life living in Norwich.  I have a partner and two children; one at Coltishall Primary and one at Broadland High.  I am a Deputy Sister at Cromer Dialysis Unit, a nine stationed nurse-led facility at Cromer Hospital, where I work three shifts a week.  I am the treasurer and a trustee for Coltishall and Horstead Preschool and have recently become a director of CAST, the better to continue my role as self-appointed good fairy of the village hall.  Hobbies and interests include my allotment, Zumba, making wine and caravanning.

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Margaret (Maggs) Pyner

Parish Councillor

I want to be more involved in the village.  My husband and I belong to the Neighbourhood Volunteers and have been involved, at the moment, in taking elderly residents for their vaccinations in Drayton,  I belong to the WI and am now on the Committee for Coltishall and Horstead WI.  I am also a member of the local church and help Rev Engelson where I can with flowers for the church.  I regularly read at services.  I feel that I have skills that I can offer as a councillor.  I am hard working, flexible and tolerant.  I enjoy listening to people and taking on board a diversity of views.

Coltishall Parish Council invites members of the public interested in being co-opted into the council to apply.


This is a rewarding opportunity to be a part of the parish council which helps shapes the area in which you live for the benefit of residents.

No experience is necessary and full training will be given.