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Welcome to the Allotment Association Page. Here you will find all the documentation required for requesting and maintaining an Allotment in Coltishall.  

Please note that there is currently a waiting list and available plots will be offered to residents of Coltishall first.

If you have any questions about the allotments or wish to be added to the waiting list, please contact Becky Furr - Parish Clerk by email or phone 07446 542 156.



The Coltishall Allotment Association Constitution, our Governing document stating the rules of Membership. Click here to read.

Risk Assessment

The Allotment Committee will carry out a Risk Assessment twice a year in line with our Health & Safety Regulations, Click here to read our Risk Management document. 


To apply for tenancy membership of an allotment please click here to fill in the application form.

Site Map

Please click here to view the site map (please note this is not to scale).


Please click here to view our current certificate of Employers Liability Insurance

Please click here to view our current certificate of Third Party Insurance 

Working Together

Coltishall Parish Council are the landowners of the Allotments site.  Day to day management has been delegated to Coltishall Allotment Association under a licence agreement.  You can find out about each parties roles and responsibilities.  Click here to read.

Minutes of Committee Meetings (CM) and Annual General Meetings (AGM)

AGM - 30th May 2021

CM - 7th July 2021

CM - 28th March 2022

CM - 26th August 2022

AGM - 1st March 2023 at 6.30pm at The Church Rooms, Rectory Road, Coltishall, NR12 7HP

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